We Build Custom Furniture

Custom Designer Furniture

Working directly with the design trade, Thompson Woodcraft takes a vision – a dream – and makes it real. Starting from as little as simple ideas or concepts, Thompson Woodcraft follows the design process from conception to creation. The custom furniture that Thompson Woodcraft builds will fit in any room and any scenario – customized to your needs. Having worked for top designers, hotels, and homebuilders, Thompson Woodcraft can build exactly what you need – take your dream and make it real.

Any Style... Any Vision

After forty-five years of building custom furniture, Thompson Woodcraft is not limited by experience. Thompson Woodcraft constantly studies and researches furniture to make new visions, new realities – always pushing the boundaries. There is nothing that can't be built at Thompson Woodcraft. Every style, every purpose, has been built many times over the course of many years – built to last.

We Love a Challenge

At Thompson Woodcraft we love the idea of pursuing something new. People often come to us with something that has never been done before. From training seats for jet pilots to restoring hundred year old grand pianos, Thompson Woodcraft loves pushing the envelope and takes every challenge as an opportunity to learn something new. So, challenge us... If you dare.